Before The Morning After

Codeine cups

paint a picture

so vivid.

Bodies on bodies

with a flow like jello.


You can hear

their moans echo.

The sky is getting colder

ice in the veins

and maddening worms

in the brain,

they didn’t know

what’s in store

but I know

what I’m here for.

He stands beside me

and I’m on my knees

to pray for forgiveness

although it does taste delicious.

He said to slow down

that I would feel it

in the morning

and my love would feel

too damn foreign.

He started to shake

screaming my name

I said

“For God’s sake just breathe.

Let it all be.

I told you we’d be good

that we’d be so good.

Remember, you told me

you wanted to be

high for this”



it’s half past five

and he just arrived

with petrified roses

that used to thrive

in the sunlight

crinkly red

and ripping at the seems

my lungs choke

on the smoke

that erodes in his throat.

our house is falling,

the bricks lost

their will

to keep the windows


his breath

is skin tight

and my eye’s fight

from fluttering with fright.

oh, what a plight

but its half past seven

and now

i’ve arrived

Hello Heaven.

The Working Poem

Nauseated by pain

in my right leg

walking becomes a danger

for the children of the future.

God could you be more dramatic?


depends on what kind of mood

the moon is in.



when my time comes around

please lay me down

in the cold dark earth.

But that doesn’t matter does it.

No it doesn’t.


Graves can’t hold

my body down

I’ll crawl back home.

The Roommate

she wears a ski mask

and likes to ask me

if I had sex today.

i told her to stop basking

in the red liquor

hanging off my deer antlers.

she sings to her flask

at 9 in the morning

about God and Yousafzai.

rice on the floor

tells me

that I’m not alone.

she’s the danger zone

with a broken nasal bone

wishing to pass

her ever-enlarging kidney


but rice on floor

tells me

she isn’t alone.

The Ant

From the corner of your eye you see a spec move on your pumpernickel bread. You feed and nurture it. You make sure it goes to bed at a decent hour. You take it to parks. But always on a leash.

And it grows

And it grows


It is bigger than your malamute, so you have to take outside. But the rain makes it hungry. Chunky saliva secrets onto your forehead. Your eyes open and you cringe at the freezing feeling running down the nape of your neck. You glance up at blank black eyes staring down at your nakedness. Your heart clenches and screams

“you idiot”.

And now you run like hell because you forgot to lock the cage.

Ingrown Hairs

Don’t you hate the smudge

on the top left corner

of your closet mirror?

The smudge infects you

insinuating the very

thing you were afraid of.

I can feel the smudge

of his fingertips

brushing over the baby hairs

on my arms.

Don’t you hate the tear

in your favorite ripped jeans?

Sometimes don’t you wish

they were whole?

I wish ingrown hairs didn’t make crying so hard.

I wish red wine made sleeping hard.

I wish my hands didn’t make living so hard

The Rock

He asked me about penguins.

He asked me how they chose a soul mate.

He answered with a rock.

Crystal white, palms sweaty

I took it.

But you

I’m losing you

You let me slip

Between the cracks

Of your living room floor.