Before The Morning After

Codeine cups

paint a picture

so vivid.

Bodies on bodies

with a flow like jello.


You can hear

their moans echo.

The sky is getting colder

ice in the veins

and maddening worms

in the brain,

they didn’t know

what’s in store

but I know

what I’m here for.

He stands beside me

and I’m on my knees

to pray for forgiveness

although it does taste delicious.

He said to slow down

that I would feel it

in the morning

and my love would feel

too damn foreign.

He started to shake

screaming my name

I said

“For God’s sake just breathe.

Let it all be.

I told you we’d be good

that we’d be so good.

Remember, you told me

you wanted to be

high for this”


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